Monday, January 11, 2016

Families :: January 11, 2016

This lady in the ward made these skirts for us!! We went to her house one day and she had one for each of us.

The other is a picture of the young mens. There is an inactive member who is named Jose who is 12 and his family doesn't like the church anymore but are all baptized and we went to his house the other day and told him the he could receive the priesthood and he told us that it is his dream to receive the priesthood and go on a mission and he was so happy we came to tell him that. He came to church all by himself Sunday and had his hair all slicked back and a backpack and looked like a mini missionary and in the night went with the young mens visiting and is just so cute

Learning a lot about stress and how there are many negative emotions that interrupt our day that are not of God. He is the Prince of Peace, so why should we ever be so uptight and worried? This is not of God. I have been writing my negative thoughts all day and it is amazing to realize they are not of God.

The gospel really does bless families. Going into one home to the next, it is night and day different. There is such a light of christ and I am so grateful it has changed the life of our family. I love you guys so much

So many experiences to tell. I don't even know where to start. we are teaching a lot of people and this week we focused a lot on the work and our faith and positive thinking. We saw so many miracles! We are doing 40 days of fasting with the ward so one person fasts every day and gives us a reference and we have found many people. People really are prepared!!

Can't write more right now but i love you so much. I have so much to tell you but some things might have to be told right after my mission. It will fly by. I am so proud of my family and tell stories about you every day!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

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