Monday, July 25, 2016

Open Doors :: July 25, 2016

Robin and I... one of my favorite converts in the whole world 

Juana's Baptism

Hermana Hill's Birthday

The Good News About the Goodmans.. First of all, our new mission president, President Goodman, is absolutely amazing! I am so excited for all the changes that are coming to our mission. We had interviews this week. He and his wife are super incredible.

This week, JUANA got baptized!!! After 22 years of living in an abusive situation, she moved away! When we talked to her about her options a few weeks ago, she told us that she would not be moving. But then, one day, we went to her house and everything was gone. Nobody was living there. We found a family member who went and showed us where she had moved to. When we visited her, we found Juana, so full of strength and courage, moved in with a family member. She told us that she had finally realized that she needed to choose God and let him carry her. She told us that she wanted to keep all of the commandments and get baptized. She is absolutely amazing. Such an example of faith and courage!!!

Also, today is Hermana Hill's birthday. We have had a fun day, going to breakfast and celebrating together.

Life is beautiful. All is well here. 

Do all things with great love and courage!

Hermana Jessop

Monday, July 18, 2016

Nest Building :: July 18, 2016

Word of Wisdom dinner lesson with some of our favorite converts

Our Kids singing Families Can be Together Forever.. Unforgettable

The best thing about being back in the same zone is visiting converts!!!

Hermana Hill and I


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I am still loving my area. We are seeing more success after 4 weeks from opening the area. The Lord has definitely blessed us with many miracles as we have been working hard and doing our best to follow the spirit and do his will.

I especially love the community in San Antonio. There are some really amazing members. Something I really loved this week was sharing a lesson about the Word of Wisdom and teaching about caring for our bodies. We made a dinner focusing on healthy foods. It was so much fun!!

Another highlight was being with a family we are teaching that has 10 little kids under the age of 12. They are the coolest little kids. The first time we showed up at their house, all the kids came running to us and we sang Families Can Be Together Forever. Every time we go to their house now, all the kids sit and sing to us. It is powerful. I will never ever forget these little kids! They have all been to church and we are planning their baptisms for this next weekend.

Another amazing thing about a mission is the way the stories of others heal our own wounds and give us more awareness of who we are and who the Lord needs us to be. If we let the Lord, He heals our hearts so we can be better and stronger through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

As I sat across from an investigator this week (Juana), I was deeply touched by her story. She found the church and has a strong testimony of the truth of it and the truth of the Book of Mormon. She wants to get baptized but in order to live all the commandments, she will either have to get married or leave her husband. It is difficult because she has had 8 kids with him and she and him have been together for 22 years. In these 22 years, she has been living in a very abusive situation. As I sat across from her and felt her strong spirit, I began to reflect on my own family's situation.

Twelve years ago, my mother was faced with a similar situation. She could continue living with my father in an abusive situation or courageously leave him in order to give us, her girls, a better life. My mother took the counsel of many of her leaders and took us away from a toxic situation. Yes, it was difficult, but through these experiences, we have been able to grow in ways I do not think we would have otherwise. We have seen the Lord's hand through every moment, every phase, and, even if it was hard, these experiences have really edified us and been for the better. And most importantly, we have been able to learn to trust more fully in God and his plans for us.

Walking by faith and following spiritual promptings is a formula that will never fail us, because the Lord knows His plan and walks with us, hand in hand. He wants us to be happy.

This month, as pioneer day approaches, I think of my mother, my ancestors, and pioneers everywhere, all around the world, sacrificing all they had, walking by faith, and following spiritual promptings with the hope that all would turn out right, that their children would be able to prosper. I feel deep gratitude for my pioneer ancestors and their courage and strength as they crossed the plains. There are pioneers in every part of the world.

So, how are we pioneers today, and how can we trust the spirit more fully and walk by faith, even when we do not know what the Lord has in store for us?

Throughout The Bible and Book of Mormon, there are several accounts that confirm that the prophets did not exactly how their writings would benefit the world. They only knew that they needed to write and take good care of the plates for future generations. Look how we are all benefiting today because of the courage of prophets. So much truth would be lost without these pioneers.

I hope we can all walk by faith, follow spiritual promptings, and prayerfully and humbly make sacrifices for future generations. We may not know what will happen, but God will not lead us astray. We are all pioneers, paving the way for God's greater purposes. We are here for a great purpose and must press forward with courage, strength, and trust in God. Only the Lord knows the end from the beginning. Let us be grateful for our ancestors. Let us be grateful for the faith God has given us. Let us have courage and vision like Mother Eve.

Have a fantastic week. Love to you all!
Hermana Jessop

Thursday, July 7, 2016

San Antonio :: July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!!!! I am so proud to be an American!

This week has been crazy but really amazing! There were some more changes, so my new companion is named Hermana Hill. She is also super amazing. We are opening area in San Antonio. The members are super willing to help us and the bishop is very focused on retention, so I am especially excited to focus on working with converts and finding the chosen ones who want to have a lasting change as full life members of the Lord's church. It is refreshing to be here in this new area. It all feels right.

My testimony of the Holy Ghost has really grown this week. The Spirit does not just lead us and guide us, but it also sanctifies us and helps us to know that everything is just as it should be. With all the changes, we both feel comfortable and so pumped up in our area. 

For the fourth of July, we planned an activity where we had a little barbeque. It was a lot of fun. I really like my zone! 

Highlights from this week..

  • One of our converts gave Hermana Hill and I a chihuahua 
  • Our new president, President Goodman, is amazing!
  • Some of my converts came and visited because I am now close by!
  • An investigator painted her lips with the American Flag for the 4th to celebrate with us
Most importantly, through the ups and downs, we always learn and grow to be more of who the Lord needs us to be. God lives and loves us! I love my Savior with all my heart and what He did for each of us. Everyone questioning whether or not they should go on a mission, prepare and gooo!

Have a great week. 
Love you all!
Hermana Jessop

Photos with Hermana Perea before changes

Hermana McGuire and I (We came to our missions at the same time)

Smoke from the volcano (there are two here in Retalhuleu)

Goodbye in Coatepeque

Here are some photos from my last days in my last area. My camera wouldn't upload the photos last week.

I was sad to leave and am missing the members and converts, but loving my new area!