Monday, July 25, 2016

Open Doors :: July 25, 2016

Robin and I... one of my favorite converts in the whole world 

Juana's Baptism

Hermana Hill's Birthday

The Good News About the Goodmans.. First of all, our new mission president, President Goodman, is absolutely amazing! I am so excited for all the changes that are coming to our mission. We had interviews this week. He and his wife are super incredible.

This week, JUANA got baptized!!! After 22 years of living in an abusive situation, she moved away! When we talked to her about her options a few weeks ago, she told us that she would not be moving. But then, one day, we went to her house and everything was gone. Nobody was living there. We found a family member who went and showed us where she had moved to. When we visited her, we found Juana, so full of strength and courage, moved in with a family member. She told us that she had finally realized that she needed to choose God and let him carry her. She told us that she wanted to keep all of the commandments and get baptized. She is absolutely amazing. Such an example of faith and courage!!!

Also, today is Hermana Hill's birthday. We have had a fun day, going to breakfast and celebrating together.

Life is beautiful. All is well here. 

Do all things with great love and courage!

Hermana Jessop

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