Monday, August 29, 2016

Elder Alonso :: August 29, 2016

Hi Everyone!

It has been a great week but also super crazy and busy. It is weird how the time just keeps going and going.

We were able to have a visit from Elder Alonso of the Quorum of the Seventy. He taught us so much! I am grateful we had the opportunity to be here in the mission to see him! We learned how to teach better and more simply. Also, I loved that he taught us more about how everything we want to change behaviorally is based in doctrine. If we study the doctrine and the gospel of Christ, our behavior will change. I loved that.

That is all for now! Have a great week!

hermana jessop

Monday, August 22, 2016

Birthday and Valle Real :: August 22, 2016


Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It was a fun day. I especially loved having my birthday on a Sunday because I was able to go to church and see all the ward family. One of our investigators, Ami, gave me a skirt for my birthday. She is amazing!!! In the night, another investigator, Hania, bought a cake and they sang to me and pushed my face in the cake (a Guatemalan tradition). It was a really fun day. We have the very best investigators and members. My companion, Hermana Gunderson, and some other missionaries made me fun cards and called. Today, we came back from running in the morning and Hermana Hill and Hermana Rosas from our zone had made us breakfast to celebrate! It was such a great day and especially amazing to reflect on my Savior and have the opportunity to have another year of life and celebrate in the mission field. Thanks everyone for thinking of me! 

It has been a great week. I love my area. We have the coolest investigators and members.

We have seen a lot of changes in our mission since President Goodman has come. All the changes are so inspired and our mission is really moving in a great direction. One of the biggest changes is a change in focus on helping to baptize people who will live in the gospel and be converts, not just numbers. That was always the goal, but as humans, it is easy to lose our purpose. The mission was great before, but we are focusing on being better, with more obedience, diligence, and love, focusing more on people's needs and genuinely helping them come unto Christ.

In this week's leadership meeting, we broke the glass plaque of all the mission numbers and records. It gave me chills. We have changed the mission to be one more focused on people... missionaries helping people come unto Christ. It gave me chills. I am happy to be part of the change. It feels so refreshing.

Another cool part of the week was that Hna Gunderson and I were able to give stress management workshops to the missionaries. I was so happy! I love teaching about health and well being.

Ami, the coolest investigator in the world, is still progressing and really has seen the changes in her life by living the gospel. She is like our mother here and is always watching out for us. She is a single mom of 3 boys and we have really been able to see the changes in herself and her boys.

I love being a missionary. I know my Savior lives. He died for us. He wants us to be happy. He is always here for us, no matter what. Because of Him, we have hope for a better future!

Remember... there are two types of people... those who we love and those whose story we don't know. 

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Jessop

Getting ice cream on one of our many trips to the coast with our fun zone leaders

The Mountains

Hna Gunderson and I with Elder Myers, an elder from our group.. He is like our brother.

Monday, August 15, 2016

San Marcos :: August 15, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all the early birthday wishes! I will respond to more emails next week. There is not too much time today, but I wanted to say thank you so much for thinking of me beforehand!

I had transfers and am now in the mountains, in San Marcos, in an area called Valle Real. I love it!! We actually get cold, which is strange coming from the coast. I am still adjusting to wearing sweaters and sleeping with 7 blankets. It is amazing and beautiful and reminds me of home. The ward members are also really great. I feel kind of like I am in The States here. It is a more advanced in some ways. Also, we are about 5 hours away from the mission office, so we take a lot of buses. It is fun though because i love the scenery and traveling!

My companion is named Hermana Gunderson. She is so much fun!!! I love being her companion. I have learned so much from her!! She is an amazing missionary. We have been working hard and are really tired, but so happy! We like to laugh all the tiiimee.

Marisol was baptized this last weekend. She went to church for 2 years and has had a strong testimony of the church for a long time, but her husband did not like her going to church, so she just went to church when he was out of town for the weekends. Finally, one day, she started going to church when her husband was there too. She eventually told him she wanted to get baptized even though he was not completely happy with it. He is coming along too and getting to know the church. Marisol is absolutely amazing and has such strong faith and a strong testimony.

Another investigator is named Ami. She speaks great english and wanted to be able to pass an english test so that was her first motive in meeting with us. But, as we have gotten to know her and have been teaching about the restored gospel, she tells us that she originally just wanted to learn english, but has come to find that the church is true and has exactly what she has been looking for for many years. She calls us her daughters and always gives us limes from her lime trees.

I am so happy to be in the mountains. Everything is different here. I am super excited for the new experience. I love being a missionary!!!

We have a new mission rule that we have to drink CoCa COla everyday. For those of you that know me, I am working on that one.... ;)

Thank you all for your support and love. Love you all!!!

Hermana Jessop

Monday, August 1, 2016

Adventures :: August 1, 2016

Hi everyone!

This week has been one of many adventures. I am mostly just sending a lot of photos this week. We explored, taught, and had a baptism in a river. It was an amazing and spiritual week. 

Hermana Jessop

The Elders' Baptism in Chicacao

Sucely.. she feeds us lunch everyday and is the best, funniest person 

We share a ward with Elder Tumbaco and Elder Reymundo. Love them.

The hill by the Bishop's house

Learning to fly a kite

P Day activity scavenger hunt

Girls from our zone