Monday, November 30, 2015

Life in Guate :: November 30, 2015

Hello everyone!

Not much time to write but I realized I never told any details about where I am and for those of you who have asked, more details!

I am serving in an area called Las Flores, in Mazatenango. The ward is really amazing and super supportive and helpful. My companion is from Mexico and the two of us live in a house by ourselves. We eat with members everyday.

Training is going well! It is a privilege to be here during Christmas. The spirit of Christmas is so strong and people are very open and loving to us. We had a Thanksgiving lunch as a zone on Thanksgiving and that was super fun and wonderful! We also all performed in a Christmas talent show on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. They have Black Friday here too!

We are teaching a guy named Joe from California and that has been really interesting, teaching in English and getting to know him better. We are also teaching a family and the mom has always disliked Mormons and been a strong catholic, but she for some reason let us in and we have seen a big change of heart with her. She says she doesn't know why she did it but she wants to get baptized! The day has been clean from smoking and drinking for months and wants to change his life. It is incredible to see how the Lord works in our hearts.

Prayer, gratitude, faith, love! When we feel negative or dark, we know we are not possessed of the spirit of the Lord and these are things that will help us. The Lord is on our side and He loves us tremendously!!!

Hermana Jessop

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