Monday, November 16, 2015

MISSION TIME :: November 16, 2015


There is not a lot of time to write but I wanted to send some photos for all of you asking since I was not allowed to in the CCM. There is a group photo from the CCM of all the hermanas before we left. I am in the front row, second from the left. The other photos are of my and my companion, Hna McBee in the CCM. Other are from my first week in the mission field!

The Lord sent me to the most beautiful and loving mission in the entire world. It is so green here, the people are incredibly loving and it is just an amazing place! I am in a pretty rural area and feel like I am camping all the time, which of course I love! The food is good. I love the refried black beans they serve and of course eggs. Oh, and they say it is humid and hot. Well, everyone was right. Good thing I love Bikram Yoga, because it feels like I am in class all day everyday. I never stop sweating. Oh and the torrential downpour is real. I love the rain, the sun, the cold, even the mosquitos! Everyday is an adventure and for that, I am so so grateful. God is real and he is here! With all of us! Miracles, miracles, miracles.

Everything is good, nothing to complain about. The first week has been an adventure. Lots of learning, really difficult times as we are adjusting as well as really great and and amazing moments. We have a baptism with a really sweet family this weekend and I am learning Spanish slowly but surely. My trainer is amazing. She is from Mexico, so much fun and absolutely amazing. Christlike in many ways- patient, kind, open, fun.

Love from Guate,
Hna Jessop

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