Monday, February 22, 2016

Life in Las Flores :: February 22, 2016

Good Morning Everyone!

This week has been fun, crazy, challenging and everything else but overall so full of miracles. Hermana Powell and I have a lot of fun and are loving working hard and laughing all the time. I love being part of missionary work.

First, we found a few different new families to teach this week. The Lopez Family is especially so prepared and excited to learn about the gospel. They came to church and we are having a family home evening with them tonight. Over and over again, I am so amazed at every single miracle I witness and am humbled to know that this is the Lord´s work and I get to walk along to see the miracles. We are finding people, teaching them and baptizing. It is all so busy but really incredible. Alex, who is 17, is getting baptized this week. He has left behind a lot of old habits and we are all really blown away by the changes we have seen in him. He is amazing. I am starting to understand how the Savior's Atonement really does change hearts and lives.

Oh.. this week, I had lice. I had never had lice before in my life and I was pretty freaked out realizing that bugs were living and multiplying in my hair. But, I am grateful for lice shampoo, lice combs and a really amazing companion who combed through my hair over and over to get the lice out. Members helped too. I bought a bunch of lice combs and will be using them every day to double check my hair, haha. We also found a scorpion in our house and it was really cool to see one in person. A neighbor came and killed it for us. It was actually prettty cool to see a scorpion!

The different trials we had this week were kind of silly, but something I have learned is that the Lord's promise that He will qualify his servants is absolutely true. I feel Him carrying us every single day. When we are tired, sick, worn out, etc, the Lord carries us from house to house to teach lessons. I feel his angels around us bearing us up. It is all Him.

I know this is true with all of us. If we trust the Lord´s promises, He will carry us. We just have to let Him. No matter how silly we think something is, He cares about it because it is important to us.

Through all the ups and downs, my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown. Reading and studying it everyday makes a huge difference in my day and gives the eternal perspective I need to conquer the day´s challenges. As a part of daily spiritual practice, the Book of Mormon brings a very real power into our lives. We need daily spiritual practice and the Book of Mormon and prayer need to be our center.

As humans, we are easily distracted and tempted and I have a strong testimony that every morning and night we need to rejuvenate our power source, which is The Spirit of Christ. Along with the Book of Mormon and prayer, we as humans need balance, brought about by exercise, deep breathing and relaxation exercises, good food, sleep, etc. These are our resources and they are here for us to take advantage of and use to have strength in body, mind and spirit. God has given us these tools to be the best we can be.

Thank you all for support and love. XOXOX

With love and good intentions,
Hermana Jessop

She caught a catfish in the river!

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