Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Savior - The Gift of Repentance :: March 28, 2016

Happy Easter Everyone!

March has been a crazy month but also one full of miracles. I am more tired than I think I have ever been in my life but also happier than ever. Missionary work makes no logical sense but it is truly the most beautiful and magical thing in the whole world. It is all the Lord. I feel like I haven`t really done anything. It is like the Lord has just allowed us to come along and see miracles as long as we are obedient and have faith in him. Missionary Work is amazing!

We have seen countless miracles this month. I want to tell the story about the Cadenas Family. We met them about a month ago. We were walking down a dark street at night headed for our house and they yelled out "Hey, don`t you guys sing?" (in Spanish, haha) and so we stopped and talked to them. They started asking us a lot of questions about things we believed and a lot of false beliefs that they had about the Church. They found us.

We started teaching them and after about two weeks, they wanted to get baptized. After we had their date to be baptized and they had visited the temple and were excited and everything, one day we went to their house and they were angry. They told us they never wanted to talk to us again. We were really hurt, confused and sad because in just a few weeks of visiting them every day, we had grown very close to their family and we hated the idea of not seeing them again.

We prayed and fasted a lot about how to help them and one day we felt that we needed to go back and talk to them. Basically, they had heard a lot of negative
things about the church and had a hard time with some of the changes they would have to make.

As they had their baptismal interviews, we discovered that there was a big family conflict that needed to be resolved. Again, we thought they were not able to baptized. As a missionary, you just want to help everyone be free of their sins and be able to feel happy.

Anyways, everything happened so quickly that I do not know how to explain it, but somehow we went to their house and resolved their doubts and I do not doubt that all of it was the spirit of the Lord, because from one day to the next, they went from being very angry to extremely excited and pleased to be baptized. We sat with them day after day as they worked through the repentance process and I have never seen people change so much.

Once again, I cannot explain what happened. But, I do testify that we saw giant changes in every one of the family members, especially the parents. Before my mission, one of my favorite people in the world, my brother-in-law, Braden, told me that on his mission, he learned how repentance can really change people. I am starting to actually understand what that means.

I testify that Jesus Christ lives and loves each one of us. Each day as I study the life of my Savior, I realize that I know almost nothing and I am such a small part of the big picture, BUT, I am an important part. Each one of us is. I am eternally grateful for the gift of repentance and for the opportunity to see the people around me change and repent of my sins and be clean again every minute, every hour, every day as I repent and try again and again. I love my savior with all my heart.

In Mazatenango, Las Flores, we saw countless miracles this month. Our zone leaders are awesome and everyone in our zone grew really close. I have never felt so unified with a group of people. With this unity and common goal, we were able to break the record for baptisms in our area, which is something that has not been done in years! We were able to go to the amusement park to celebrate after a month of hard work.

A mission cannot be explained, it just has to be experienced. Anyone questioning going on a mission, just do it! It is worth all the sacrifice and hard work. This is the Lord`s work.

Love you all!
Hermana Jessop

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