Monday, March 6, 2017

MARZO! :: March 6, 2017

Happy March!

This week has brought many lessons. It has been the busiest but also one of the best weeks of my mission. I just started my last transfer of my mission here in Guatemala. Crazy!

Maria Jose was baptized this week! She is such a sweet little girl who just wants to choose the right. Her mother is a member but has not been to church in a while. It has been really amazing to see how her family has supported her during her learning and preparation for her baptism. We pray that her desire to improve and grow will help her family to also come unto Christ.

I said goodbye to my two companions, Hna Hill and Hna Hopper. They both ended their missions. We got to have Hna George stay with us her last night too! It was so awesome being with some of the best missionaries I have ever known on their last night of their missions! We all were at the baptism together. What a beautiful evening!

My new companion is Hna McGuire. She is from Oklahoma. I am amazed by how patient, calm and happy she is. I have so much to learn from her!

We are still loving it here in Pedregal. Mario is an investigator who we found contacting a couple of weeks ago. We had been teaching his neighbor, who didn't progress very much, but it turns out that we needed to be over there so we could meet Mario! He loves church, the Book of Mormon and has a strong desire to change his life. I am amazed by him! He has such a willing and strong heart. He has accepted to be baptized the 18th of March.

One of the other weekly adventures was that we had to take a bus to the capitol on Saturday night and then came back Sunday morning. We were nervous that we wouldn't make it back on time for church, considering it is a 4 hour bus ride from the capitol to where we are at, but the Lord worked it all out. We got to the church 5 minutes before it started. It was such a tender mercy!

There isn't time to list all the moments from this week, but what I want to testify is that Jesus Christ lives and knows us personally. Even when we have a lot to do and life is pretty crazy, if we lean on the Lord, everything works out. When I feel exhausted, I feel the Lord carrying me. If we do our part, He does his. He wants to bless us!

I love being a missionary. I love my Savior.

Well, that is all for now.

I love you all!

Sis Jessop

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