Monday, March 20, 2017

The Best Kind of March Madness :: March 20, 2017

It has been a great week. It has been super busy, but really great! The best kind of march madness. I have been feeling a lot of gratitude lately. I am grateful to be a representative of Jesus Christ, serving the most amazing, loving Guatemalan people.

Everyday, I am learning more about the importance of talking with everyone we meet, teaching with spirit, and studying the Book of Mormon daily. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has especially grown. We have been focusing a lot on studying the Book of Mormon, reading at least 15 pages a day. Every time I read the BOM, I feel a special power come into my life. I know the BOM is true!

We are seeing a lot of miracles in our area! On Wednesday morning, my companion and I had a really great study and then prayed to have the spirit testify through us and lead us to the prepared people. Our first appointment was with a guy named Marcello. We had contacted him the week before but he didn't seem very interested. We went back for the appointment to see what would happen and when we got there, he was waiting for us, having read his pamphlet about the Restoration. He said that he has been looking for answers for years and wants to find relief from his sins! He said that we came just at the right time and that he wants to learn more, that this is exactly what he has been looking for. We were able to teach him all of the Restoration. The spirit was very strong. It was a lesson I will never forget. Definitely an answer to prayers.

Later in the week, we contacted a family in the street and then made an appointment to go back with them later on in the week. We went back on Saturday and the family was waiting for us and had read the whole pamphlet! It was a miracle! The spirit is working through us. I love being an instrument in the Lord's hands.

A couple of weeks ago, Mario was baptized. Mario is a 26 year old who sells ice cream! We found him one night just sitting outside of an investigator's house. He looked a little down and when we talked to him, he wasn't extremely receptive, but accepted a return appointment the following day. When we went back, he had read his pamphlet and said that he was ready to change. He, to me, is an example of a very prepared person. From that moment forward, he began to diligently study the Doctrine of Christ, repent and leave old habits, and prepare to be baptized. He then entered baptismal waters. He brought 6 investigators to his baptism and asks us how he can share the gospel!

Mario is still progressing very well. I am really grateful to be a part of his conversion. He received the Aaronic priesthood this past Sunday and is excited to participate in passing the sacrament. We also challenged him to read the the BOM and we thought he would start out reading a few chapters, but when we came back a few days later, he had read up to page 61! It was amazing. He has such a desire to learn and grow.

We are also enjoying sharing the gospel with youth. Every Sunday, we have been doing a small meeting with youth in our ward. It is just an hour and we talk about personal conversion and the missionary lessons. We also make them do missionary practices. It is fun to see them be missionaries! Then, after the meeting, they go visit their references with us. It is one of my favorite times of the week.

Everyday is not perfectly easy. People reject us, it is hot outside, there are a lot of bugs, we are tired, but, I wouldn't change it for the world. I get the best job in the world... I am a representative of Jesus Christ. My testimony of Jesus Christ is unshakeable. I know this church is true. I know my Savior lives and leads and directs the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Thank you all for supporting me!

Sis Jessop

Mario's baptism 

P Day waterfall activity

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