Thursday, October 22, 2015

Family Letter :: October 22, 2015

Hi Family!

It has been a great week here in the MTC. I feel adjusted. The hardest part is being away from you all because I think about you all the time and miss you, BUT the spirit has a way of carrying us, and that is what is happening. I feel happier than I ever have. I am learning about the gospel and Spanish and I am happy to be around such amazing people.

I do the same thing pretty much everyday. I wake up at 6:30, get ready, eat, do personal study, and then practice teaching lessons, studying Spanish, studying the gospel, etc. I love diving into the scriptures and learning these principles all day long. The days fly by. Can't believe I am on my 4th week in the MTC.

The food is not too bad. My health is doing well, which is something I worried about. I get an hour a day to exercise which I love! There are vegetables and fruits available at the meals which is super nice. I sleep well. I laugh and smile. I have a BM at least every other day, which is good for me (yaya)! There is purified water everywhere.

I love my district. They are the best people!! I think about timing and how I am meant to be here now. The people I have met have already changed my life. I love my companions, the elders in my district, the CCM President and his wife. I love that I am at a really small MTC and I can get to know everyone personally. There are North Americans and a lot of people from Central American countries who I like getting to know better and practicing Spanish with.

The weather is great. Always warmish. It has rained all week long. We are right by the temple so I love seeing it out of my window.

I feel the spirit so strong. I feel happy here. The Lord carries us. I love all of it. I am excited to prepare for the mission field and go out and do the best I can with the Lord´s help. I am a little nervous to go out because the MTC is so safe and I love learning, but I also know that all works out through the Lord.

I am learning to trust the Lord more. I am learning that the Lord never ever leaves me and that he is always here. It is really beautiful. I feel so so so blessed to be here and to know that you are all supporting me and God's work. Life is absolutely amazing.

Thank you for being my cheerleaders! Thank you for your love! My family means the whole world to me!!!! I'm grateful to be able to serve the Lord for this short time and be with you for all of eternity!

Hermana Jessop

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