Monday, May 30, 2016

Milagros (Miracles) :: May 30, 2016

As of today, I have been in Guatemala for exactly 8 months. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone! I cannot wait to see all that happens in the next half of my mission. There is much more to learn and do.

As a mission, we have been working hard and looking in all corners of Guatemala for God's children. We have been able to see the miracles through much fasting, scripture study, prayer, diligence, hard work and faith. I have been able to learn about how important unity is amongst a group of people. It has been a really amazing experience to see how much a group of likeminded people can accomplish when focusing on God and HIS will. As a zone, we were able to break the record of the MISSION Retalhuleu! 51 baptisms! It has been such a cool experience! In Coatepeque this month, we have definitely seen countless miracles.

This week, we were all committed to working even harder and fasting and praying more diligently to find more of God's prepared children who needed His gospel in their lives. One day,  Hermana Meza and I went to a part of our area that is really far away. We didn't know why we needed to go there because in the past, we have not had a lot of success. But, we went, and a ward member, Jessica, went with us. As we went to a house, we met a girl named Rafaela who told us that she wanted to get baptized. She had been to the church in the past and has family members who are members of the church. She had been wanting to for a long time to be baptized but she lives far away from the church and has not had the means to get to church. She was baptized on Friday. It was a beautiful baptism. Rafaela is so humble, happy, and genuinely strives to do God's will. She is one of the most kindhearted people I have ever met.

It was an amazing and humbling experience to get to know Rafaela and be part of her baptism. It was humbling to know that we literally are just the Lord's hands to bringing about HIS work. If we had not gone to Rafaeala's house or had not followed the prompting, we would not have met her and seen this miracle. I think of the times when I have not followed the promptings of the spirit. It is so important and as we are worthy of the spirit and follow the promptings we receive, the Lord will lead and guide us and use us as his hands. We are just instruments he uses for the salvation of his children.

Love you all!
Hermana Jessop

Iginia... she makes us lunch every Wednesday and gives her life to go to the temple. She has raised FOURTEEN kids and only one of them is her own. She calls them all her kids and grandkids. She has taken in anyone who does not have a home. She has a love for others unlike any other I have met.

Jesssica... a member who is always willing to visit with us and help us.

Rafaela before her baptism

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