Monday, May 16, 2016

The Secret :: May 16, 2016

What a week. Every moment brings a new adventure here. We have been teaching the Ramirez family and this week their little girl, Luz Clarita, was baptized. The parents are going to wait a little bit, following the example of their little girl. Also, a little girl named Yuri got baptized. One day, we were visiting a family and Yuri showed up and told us she wanted to get baptized. It all worked out so perfectly. It was a beautiful little miracle. 

Both of these little girls are great examples to me. There is something so precious and sweet about a child. I see why Christ spent a lot of time with the children. I have spent every day this week with Yuri, Luzy and her little sisters Marisol and Renata. They teach us how we can be humble and peaceful and just go with the flow and follow Christ. I love these little girls with my whole heart. I never want to leave them.

This week, I met Mikaela. She is 91 years old!!! We asked her what her secret is and she said that people ask her that all the time and she says that one eats what they need to eat and she has never had a special diet, but her secret is happiness. She is catholic and loves God with all her heart. It goes to show that God makes a big difference in our lives if we let him do so. We are all united in a desire to be better and serve God because of the knowledge we have of our Savior. 

We are all looking for the same sorts of things in life. We all just want happiness and acceptance. If we look with the Savior, we always find what we need to get to the next step in life. I have been thinking about all the desires I have in my heart and how I try to accomplish them by myself... to be healthier, smarter, skinnier, more talented, etc. etc. etc. Again and again, I have to learn that only through Christ, we can reach all of these goals, both temporal and spiritual. The Lord cares about what we care about and wants the best for us. He will lead us where he needs us to go and to who He needs us to be, in His time, and we will be HAPPY! I want to be like Mikaela when I am 91.

Here are some fun times from this week... 

Mikaela and I

91 years old!

Washing clothes with Marisol in the Pila

Luzy painting Elder Contreras' nails

Our mamma in Dalmacia Mama Maritza.. she always cooks for us and makes us dresses and gives the best hugs

Guatemalan Enchilada

Luz Clarita ready for her baptism

Yuri ready for her baptism

Hermana Meza and I with our girls

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