Monday, September 12, 2016

Missionary Miracles :: September 12, 2016

Another amazing week. All the ups and downs of missionary life are endlessly worth it for the experiences we get to live. I am constantly grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary. I love it!

I have learned a lot about the idea of sacrifice this week. I have been thinking of ways I can more fully dedicate myself to the Lord in the time I have left and as I have sought answers, I have come to the answer of sacrifice. I think of the Book of Mormon when they buried their weapons because they had made a covenant with God and did not want to fight. How can we all bury our weapons in the Earth to fully serve the Lord and give up things we do not really need? 

This week, Jacki got baptized. It was a huge miracle because she has been going to church for about a year and could not get baptized because her dad would not give her permission. But, she came up to us on Sunday and told us she wanted to get baptized. It was amazing. The day of the baptism, we had about every possible thing go wrong. We went to fill the baptismal font in the morning becuase it usually needs to fill all day and we came back in the afternoon and there was not electricity or water in the entire church building. It was crazy. BUT, after everything, we bought 30 jugs of water and filled the baptismal font. It was super funny and fun! I learned that the adversary is real. After all the many kinks, she got baptized and it was the best baptism I have ever been to, so full of the spirit!!

There are so many stories to tell every week, but there is not a lot of time, so this is all I can write for now. This week, my companion has transfers, so I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. I am going to miss my companion but the work must move forward!

I know my savior lives and I love Him so so much. I know that as we consecrate our lives to the Lord, He blesses us immensely and most importantly, He allows us to be instruments in His hands and help others. This is where true happiness and joy comes from. 

Love you!!!! XXOXO
Hermana Jessop

Making our 11 month fort

Jacki's Baptism

Buying water jugs to fill the baptismal font

Typical clothing

Hermana Gunderson, Elder Kahl and I.. My first zone leader and assistant to the president, a great example and missionary. We are going to miss him!

Some of our investigators! Love them!

I finally got my birthday packages! They were stuck in the capitol and we had to send lawyers to get them. This is me and my bishop. He got them for me!

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