Monday, December 5, 2016

25 Days of Christmas :: December 5, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic week! This year, the church has launched a Christmas Initiative. It is a way that we can focus more on serving others this time of year! If you have not seen the video, go to There is a service video for every single day of the week. It is really incredible and easy! This week, we have been focusing on really doing service projects and using service to teach the gospel! We have seen a lot of miracles.

On Friday, we were looking for some service opportunities. We talked to a local business who said they didn't need our help with anything, but they referred us to a lady up the street who owns a store. We went and talked to her and as we got to know her, she opened up about her life, trials, dreams and desires. She listened as we taught her about the Restoration. As we finished, she told us she wanted to go to church on Sunday. She showed up on Sunday with her four daughters! Then, in the night, she went to the Christmas Devotional and really liked it. She is definitely a prepared person and we are grateful to be able to teach her!!

Throughout the week, we were able to participate in different service activities. For this reason, it has been one of my favorite weeks in my mission. We built a house, cleaned up yards, cooked for members, etc. It was really fun and a unique experience!

I hope that everyone everywhere can get more involved in service. You don't have to do something gigantic like build a house, but look for ways to serve people around you in small ways! Service is the way to greater happiness.

Love you all! Have an excellent week.

Hermana Jessop

Bishop Longos

Ward member, Julian

Lesson with our investigator, Jorge, in the park

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