Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Festivities-Making Tamales :: December 26, 2016

Tamales, tamales and more tamales.

Most households spend all day Christmas Eve making tamales. At midnight, they eat tamales and drink a cinnamon, fruit drink named Ponche. They dance, light fireworks and spend time as a family.

This year, we helped make about 30 tamales with some members. It was really fun!

I love Guatemala!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!! Ours was full of fireworks, tamales, humidity and beautiful Guatemalan customs and people. I love being on a mission at Christmas and being able to share Christ's love with others and learn from the best teacher to have ever lived, Jesus Christ. Through all of our life experiences, He trains us and molds us into who He needs us to be.

On Thursday, I was feeling more tired than I had ever felt before and I did not think that I would be able to do all the things I needed to. I was going to be in another sister's area on exchanges and I really wanted to help everyone have a good experience. I was tired, but I tried to lean on the Lord. I remembered something my little sister told me in an email that Lord does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called. So, I knelt down and prayed and asked for strength. Afterwards, I can't describe what happened, but I got up and was able to go throughout the whole day. I didn't just go throughout the day, but the day was an amazing one! I felt the spirit literally pick me up and carry me.

Through this experience, I learned that the Lord loves us and does not expect us to be perfect to be his servants. When we are diligent, faithful, obedient, and are striving to do our best, the Lord's grace steps in and through the Spirit, we become better. The Lord sees our efforts and wants to bless us.

I am learning that many times, we think miracles have to be giant appearances or events, but really, every little moment can be a miracle as we recognize it. I am learning about how the Holy Ghost should be the greatest gift we strive for. We receive the spirit by our obedience. As we are obedient to God's laws, are baptized and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, we can always have the spirit with us as we strive to be better every single day. I love the Spirit. I know it was sent from God himself because He cannot be here. The Spirit makes the daily occurrences into miracles.

On Christmas, we saw many miracles! We were able to talk with many about the Gospel and share our testimonies. In church, our members fellowshipped and brought our investigators! We had many share food, testimonies and hugs with us. It was just really fantastic. In the evening, I talked to my family on Skype. That was amazing! I had really missed them. I am so grateful for my family and all they do for me!

I testify that Jesus Christ lives. He loves us and is always here for us. Prayer is powerful and the Holy Ghost will be with us to carry us as we do our best to do what the Lord asks of us.

Love you all. Hope you have a great week!
Hermana Jessop

Making Tamales

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