Monday, December 12, 2016

Pedregal :: December 12, 2016

Hi Everyone!

This week, I had transfers to Pedregal, by Retalhuleu. I love my area! It is small, but really quaint and the members are really supportive. My companions are Hna Clifford and Hna Hopper. It is fun to be in a trio! I am learning a lot from both of them and am looking forward to this transfer!

Things I remembered this week...

1. Obedience is the first and most important law in life. If we are obedient to God's commandments, He blesses us with the Holy Ghost, which is the most important gift we can have. The Holy Ghost edifies, heals, strengthens and blesses us. It helps us to know the truth of all things.

2. Our own personal conversion is the key to the mission. BUT, we cannot be converted unless we do the missionary work. A mission is about doing all the Lord ask of us when He asks us to do it. That is where our true conversion comes from. It comes as we serve others in the Lord's way.

3. It is important to have integrity. Having integrity includes having integrity for who we are. We have the responsibility as humans to share who we are with those around us. We were born to be who we are!

4. We, as humans, cannot run faster than we have strength. We all need time to rest and rejuvenate.

I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!!

Hermana Jessop 

My companions and I

The nurses and I (Hna Diego and Hna Hill)

Us and the nurses

Presents received from the states! Office Picture

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